Sunday, August 26, 2012

Our First Red Rocks Concert

Why yes, every now and again we have date nights and go to adult functions and have lots of fun just the two of us. It's so important not to forget to make time for these sorts of things. I try to remind myself of that often since it's so easy to forget while getting lost in the day to day activities, the kids, the running, and the fast pace of life.

Last weekend we hit up Red Rocks for a 311 concert. My first and John's 31st (a collage favorite) We had so much fun and the most beautiful concert venue! The whole thing was very cool!

The walk up.

Packed house.

Duck lips and the 'huh' look to make the nights photos complete. 

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Awww the venue is so gorgeous!! and you guys looked so cute together!! I have only ever been to one concert in my whole 20 years of life!!