Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Pictures 2012

It was time.

Mason is about 8 months old now so we figured it was time to update our new family of 6 portrait while the beautiful weather is still around. 

Unfortunately it was a bit of a hazy day here at Daniels Park. But still a beautiful green landscape.

 Our monkey climbers.

Preston cracks me up.

Nana and Adrian.

Adrian: "No, no more pictures please" 

Oh look it's grass.

Guess what they are so intrigued by? 
A middle school football practice going on! I could easily see what John was day dreaming about... coaching the boys someday, maybe a football player or two or three in the family would be grand (in his eyes) mine... maybe not so much. I worry about head injuries!! I'm a mom, what can I say.

Um, still staring at the football players.

Our littlest man is growing up too fast! I just love this age :)


Grace said...

Those are great pictures Christa! Love all those pinetrees!

Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

oh my goodness I love your family of boys! and I agree that this age & stage of our wee ones is truly da best :D
great photos - how you manage to look that ahh-mazing and put together with 4 little men running around baffles me and it's not just on 'photo day' I see your instagram feed hot mama.

Olga Marquez said...

these picture are precious!!