Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bittersweet: Kindergarten and Preschool

Two Preschoolers and a Kindergartener!

I write "bittersweet" because I've spent the last couple of weeks pretty excited to get the kids into school again and out of the house and back to learning and schedules and meeting friends and schedules and just getting on a schedule really (the sanity of "our little bubble" really does rely on a good schedule! And I've probably mentioned that at least 50x on here :) The summer gets rather chaotic, then throw moving houses in on top of it and unpacking, painting, organizing and making a home a home again, enrolling the kids in a new school and all that it entails and geez I'm tired just writing about it all. Also, John's abroad for work so it was a little sad to have him miss the big first day for the boys. However, I'm just so grateful to have the help of my mother for times like these.

Thanks to Adrian's new teacher for making me cry again after they got home yesterday. It was really sweet :)

I like how he positioned himself between two cute girls :)

All the new students this year... raise your hand.

Day #2 

I got to walk Adrian to school this morning. It was so nice to have the 15-20 minutes to spend talking and bonding just the two of us. 

About 1/2 of the kids that are in walking distance from school choose to ride their scooters. The boys are so pumped to do that someday!

In the far distance kids walking to school on the paths that run through all of the neighborhoods.

We're very excited to see what this school year brings for the boys, to see the changes in them and watch them grow intellectually. And... we're hoping preschool tames Kellen a bit (a future post about this wild child!!)


Anna said...

That is a lot of stressful stuff all at once! Is Kindergarten all day or half?

Grace said...

hope they had a great first day of school.

Anonymous said...

I swear they are just so darn cute! Hope they are loving school!