Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 4th - Independence 5k

A July 4th parade like non other that I've seen. A big parade with the mountains in the horizon just down the street from our house. I sometimes feel like we'll become jaded by the beauty that surrounds us the longer we live here. Eventually, maybe we won't be in such "awe" of the gorgeous backdrop as we once used to be? 

We had perfect weather for the carnival, parade and the Independence 5k, which is how we started out the morning at 7am with our buddy Geoff. It was a pretty hard course... lots of hills, unlike the Colfax race in May which was unbelievably flat. 

totally whooped!

 The goal... beat the time from the last 5k. Mission was accomplished by almost a whole minute... hills and all.


Barbara said...

Way to go on beating your time!

JenB said...

I'm so proud of you guys for getting out there. I'm so ready to get into something for myself.