Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Counting Polar Bears

The kids love this easy counting game/system. 
This was a great find at a garage sale that happened to belong to an ex-preschool teacher. Bonus! 

How I use it: I would ask the boys to put 2 Polar Bears playing on the mountain and then 3 Polar Bears swimming in the water. Then I'd ask them how many polar bears were on their picture. I'd switch around the scenarios all while they were learning how to Add and Subtract. 

This is super easy to put together:

  • Draw a background, make copies if needed.
  • Bag of Lima Beans (uncooked/hard)
  • Make ears of felt and glue on
  • Black sharpie to draw the face

I'm going to make a new themed one using dry macaroni's as snakes with a grass background and trees)

The boys loved counting these and then played with them for the rest of the day.


A sweet bonus picture of these BFF's


Barbara said...

Those polar bears are just too cute!! What a great idea. Those last pictures are just too adorable.

yomaida said...

LOVE IT!!!! ....being a K teacher and all. I was catching up and you have had some fun little events. Enjoyed. Oh and the pic of you and the girls ready for the wine bar...fabulous. You are too cute!