Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Memorial weekend we took a little trip to Breckenridge with the kids and our friend Geoff. We stopped at a cute sports bar for some good grub in Dillon, CO. We walked around Breckenridge and had a great day enjoying the sites and stopping for some kiddie activities downtown. 

Such a cute, quaint little ski town.

Geoff admiring the scenery.

Adrian, in line for the bungie.


Panning for gold... actually, taking pennies from the statue. They learned why they can't do that.


Biz said...

Either I'm blind...or you've lost the baby?!
I'm guessing you had someone who was able to watch the little guy?
Looks like you had a good day out.
I hope you are feeling better!

Mikki said...

What a beautiful place to visit. You do so much with, and for your kids. I always knew you & John would be great parents. How did A like the bungie jump? getting a lil' fearless isn't he? xoxoxox

Barbara said...

It looks like you had a great time. It's so beautiful there.

Ioana-Carmen said...

Hello dear ^^ your blog is so pretty! let's follow each other, would be fun :)what do u say?:X