Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What they say.

I love to sit back and listen to the boys as they communicate with each other.

Some of their ramblings this past week...

Preston says to Kellen: "I've got an idea, you can have the Ipad and Ipod when we're done with them later"  -Ha... sharing when it's convenient, wtg P. I intervened and set a timer :)

Kellen: "Mom, your nail polish matches your jammies" -pink
Adrian: "Why is Kellen's hair so light?" -Well, because we're not sure if he's ours :) j/k
Adrian: "When I'm bigger, I'll be big and strong and girls will look at me" -Dad tell him this?
Preston: "Kellen hid your wedding ring mom" -Sick about this and still can't find it :(

Kellen: "Preston hid the Ipod" -Not quite so sick and still can't find it either, we've gone on many hunts throughout the house for both things with P and K leading us in random directions and nada. Big Bummer!!
Kellen: "Can I go out to Chuck E Cheesessss, Pleasssssse" -gotta love commercials

Kellen: "I'm going to take those keysseses and drive to Chuck E Cheeseses and you'll never catch me" -he's very stubborn to say the least! and hates to hear the word NO
Adrian: "When I'm 10 years old I can have a TV in my room" -I sort of said this in a "maybe" fashion over a month ago when he asked and I'm sure he's never going to forget it!

Adrian: "I think all my classmates want to come see my house"
Adrian: "Hiccups make me sneeze"
Preston: "Ya, I don't talk much" -I asked him why, he replied with "I can't" it's just his mellow personality and the fact that A and K talk enough for the whole family :)
Adrian: "Look I'm a DJ... whicky wha wha whicky whicky" -As he pretend spins his 2 paper plates on the steps, and plugs his headphones into a crack in the floor board.

Adrian: "Mom you look pretty" -Bless his little heart, he says this everyday that I'm not in my jammies or yoga/workout clothes, so about 2x a week.
Kellen: "My eyes are blue and brown and green and yellow" -He's got blue eyes and a brown spot on one, not sure where the green and yellow fit in?

Adrian: "Mason is a little bit boring" -they've all been saying this for 4 months.
Preston: "I want to be an angry bird when I grow up" -I'm not shocked, the boys are obsessed!
Adrian: "I like to sweep the kitchen" -His first chore! I bet he won't be saying this in 2 years.
Kellen: "I want a spot of tea mom" - John's been drinking a lot of tea since his Scotland trip and it's rubbing off on the little ones.

Adrian: "Mom, I'll put a bow tie on and marry you" -I was trying on a dress to get hemmed and he asked me if it was a wedding dress. Nope, just a summer moo-moo. And maybe he'll be this sweet forever?!

I could write pages and pages of this stuff, these little guys amaze me. Kids really just amaze me!

"DJ A-Dizzle"

The kids love to throw their squishy Angry Birds off the deck... I threw this one back up to John and it landed in his wine. I'm a good shot!

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