Friday, May 11, 2012

My Annual Atlanta Visit

Every year about this time I make my way to Atlanta with a couple kids in tow to visit my dear friend Rachel. I've always road tripped there (last year) and the (year before) but now we live much farther away so flying is the way to go. So on a jet plane Mason and I headed to Georgia for a wonderful visit.

Posing with Chase and Halle. Look at those cute blonde curls she's got.

 Rachel soaking up time with Mason. She love, loves babies!

awe... those big brown doe eyes!

Blake and Mason.
Halle going for a younger man :)

When all the kids were napping we managed to squeeze in a very peaceful two hours of reading our books in the QUIET outdoors! It was heavenly! I'm lucky to read 10 pages of anything in one day. If I wait until the evening when the kids are sleeping I get 2 pages in, my eyelids fall heavy and then I procede to pass out. So that means I should be done with this new book by Christmas.

mama's peanut

And while we were gone, John took the boys to the Lollipop Park for some entertainment. What do you get at Lollipop Park... well of course, Giant Lollipops!

We're back home and back to normal routines-- and this week I've felt more like a tired drill sergeant rather than a mother. I think that's to be expected raising 4 boys, especially when they're all so close in age. We've got a terrible 2 almost 3, a whinny 4, and a very headstrong 5. And a baby that still has his days and night mixed up some times.

But... we did end this week on a good note, with a Mother's Day tea party at school. And it all seems to balance itself out in the end! Amen to that!


Aunt Mikki said...

Always LOVE your pics. Glad you got away to visit Rachel, you have earned it! Happy Mother's Day to a fabulous mom! Love you bunches....

Biz said...

You look beautiful!
I'm so glad you got some you's so necessary from time to time!

Sean Marie said...

Personal time is detrimental to our sanity! Happy belated Mothers Day!