Sunday, May 20, 2012

Letting Go...

This bull headed child insists on acting much older than he is. Not even 3 years old yet and he's got the attitude and stubbornness of a young teen. Fantastic! Great Grandma Julia and I took Kellen to the park the other day. He's definitely too young to be climbing this far up, but he wasn't going to listen to me. I couldn't even bribe him, which normally works for everything-- and there's my secret, I bribe, a lot-- and don't judge! It's hard for me to let go (and I'll have to do it 4 times in the next 18 years *tear*)... but I suppose I'm trying, I can't prevent every single boo boo and mishap. Lesson's need to be learned the hard way sometimes I guess. 

I bet he hung here for at least 5 or 10 minutes refusing to let me help him down. Finally, falling into my arms once he was too tired to hang on any longer.

 Not surprising my grandma met another grandma friend at the park. The woman told her she was visiting her daughter and grandkids and couldn't wait to go home... LOL. I wonder if my grandma might think the same thing by late next week-- our house is a tiny bit crazy.

Mason's filling out. He's always got this worried, perturbed look on his face.

Five boys watching and playing electronics. 

Cooing and Stuff.


jessicaclarke said...

It's so hard to just let them go make their own mistakes, that's a hard one for me too but sometimes it needs to be done. Also I love that look on Mason's face it's too cute

Barbara said...

He is such a cutie. It is hard for me to let them go like this but they have to grow up sometime.