Saturday, May 26, 2012

6 Characters

These are the characters that make up our family. 
 Here are six things to make you smile, laugh or make fun of.

I think John looks pretty hot in aviators-- these ones might be a little too big tho.

 My French tank top story... 
the clerk at the store told me that this tank said something like "I'd like to walk with you" in French... kinda cool right?!? So I bought it, then I looked it up online later... and it says "I'd like to play footsie with you" Um Ya, thank you misinforming clerk friend, I bet you took Spanish in college.

Adrian makes us tell him pretend stories off the top of our head every night before bedtime. I'm realizing my imagination isn't all that. John's got some good ones but my make believe stories on the other hand are pretty lame, good thing he doesn't mind.

Preston would play Mario Brothers on the nintendo until his eye balls fell out. He's a little more than obsessed. I think he'll be a gamer someday.

Out of the blue, Kellen asked John for a sister this morning-- maybe we can adopt someday? a girl dog :)

Mason... at 5 months old is still waking me up 3x a night to eat-- I'm currently in zombie mode... still!

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Colfax 5k

Last weekend on an unusually gray, rainy and cold day here in CO, John and I ran the Colfax 5k at the Denver City Park. There were 921 runners, a pretty good turnout considering the poor weather. This is only our 2nd 5k. I was 8 weeks pregnant with Mason for our first one back in Ohio last May. Then for the next 9 months I was relaxing eating bon bons on the couch doing nada. 

It's great that Colorado has 5k's, Half's and Marathons all the time and all over the place, so lots to chose from. We look forward to the next one. 

the all energized... before pic
(I promise we did not plan on matching!)

Even with the new high altitude adjustment which is very noticeable at first when running, walking up stairs, moving of any nature etc. in this mountain state. We both managed to beat our times last year for our first 5k

Runner     Time     Pace     Overall      Division/age    Div/Place

Christa     27:48     8:58      153           F 30-39          16/184
John         28:20     9:09      176          M 30-39          52/95

It's been such an awesome activity for John and I to do together! We have a friendly competition with one another that makes it more fun to run. 

the tired, cold, wet and sweaty... after pic

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Letting Go...

This bull headed child insists on acting much older than he is. Not even 3 years old yet and he's got the attitude and stubbornness of a young teen. Fantastic! Great Grandma Julia and I took Kellen to the park the other day. He's definitely too young to be climbing this far up, but he wasn't going to listen to me. I couldn't even bribe him, which normally works for everything-- and there's my secret, I bribe, a lot-- and don't judge! It's hard for me to let go (and I'll have to do it 4 times in the next 18 years *tear*)... but I suppose I'm trying, I can't prevent every single boo boo and mishap. Lesson's need to be learned the hard way sometimes I guess. 

I bet he hung here for at least 5 or 10 minutes refusing to let me help him down. Finally, falling into my arms once he was too tired to hang on any longer.

 Not surprising my grandma met another grandma friend at the park. The woman told her she was visiting her daughter and grandkids and couldn't wait to go home... LOL. I wonder if my grandma might think the same thing by late next week-- our house is a tiny bit crazy.

Mason's filling out. He's always got this worried, perturbed look on his face.

Five boys watching and playing electronics. 

Cooing and Stuff.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Annual Atlanta Visit

Every year about this time I make my way to Atlanta with a couple kids in tow to visit my dear friend Rachel. I've always road tripped there (last year) and the (year before) but now we live much farther away so flying is the way to go. So on a jet plane Mason and I headed to Georgia for a wonderful visit.

Posing with Chase and Halle. Look at those cute blonde curls she's got.

 Rachel soaking up time with Mason. She love, loves babies!

awe... those big brown doe eyes!

Blake and Mason.
Halle going for a younger man :)

When all the kids were napping we managed to squeeze in a very peaceful two hours of reading our books in the QUIET outdoors! It was heavenly! I'm lucky to read 10 pages of anything in one day. If I wait until the evening when the kids are sleeping I get 2 pages in, my eyelids fall heavy and then I procede to pass out. So that means I should be done with this new book by Christmas.

mama's peanut

And while we were gone, John took the boys to the Lollipop Park for some entertainment. What do you get at Lollipop Park... well of course, Giant Lollipops!

We're back home and back to normal routines-- and this week I've felt more like a tired drill sergeant rather than a mother. I think that's to be expected raising 4 boys, especially when they're all so close in age. We've got a terrible 2 almost 3, a whinny 4, and a very headstrong 5. And a baby that still has his days and night mixed up some times.

But... we did end this week on a good note, with a Mother's Day tea party at school. And it all seems to balance itself out in the end! Amen to that!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Red Rocks

Hanging out at Red Rocks this week.

Seeing 311 on this stage in August. 

Watching dad run the steps.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What they say.

I love to sit back and listen to the boys as they communicate with each other.

Some of their ramblings this past week...

Preston says to Kellen: "I've got an idea, you can have the Ipad and Ipod when we're done with them later"  -Ha... sharing when it's convenient, wtg P. I intervened and set a timer :)

Kellen: "Mom, your nail polish matches your jammies" -pink
Adrian: "Why is Kellen's hair so light?" -Well, because we're not sure if he's ours :) j/k
Adrian: "When I'm bigger, I'll be big and strong and girls will look at me" -Dad tell him this?
Preston: "Kellen hid your wedding ring mom" -Sick about this and still can't find it :(

Kellen: "Preston hid the Ipod" -Not quite so sick and still can't find it either, we've gone on many hunts throughout the house for both things with P and K leading us in random directions and nada. Big Bummer!!
Kellen: "Can I go out to Chuck E Cheesessss, Pleasssssse" -gotta love commercials

Kellen: "I'm going to take those keysseses and drive to Chuck E Cheeseses and you'll never catch me" -he's very stubborn to say the least! and hates to hear the word NO
Adrian: "When I'm 10 years old I can have a TV in my room" -I sort of said this in a "maybe" fashion over a month ago when he asked and I'm sure he's never going to forget it!

Adrian: "I think all my classmates want to come see my house"
Adrian: "Hiccups make me sneeze"
Preston: "Ya, I don't talk much" -I asked him why, he replied with "I can't" it's just his mellow personality and the fact that A and K talk enough for the whole family :)
Adrian: "Look I'm a DJ... whicky wha wha whicky whicky" -As he pretend spins his 2 paper plates on the steps, and plugs his headphones into a crack in the floor board.

Adrian: "Mom you look pretty" -Bless his little heart, he says this everyday that I'm not in my jammies or yoga/workout clothes, so about 2x a week.
Kellen: "My eyes are blue and brown and green and yellow" -He's got blue eyes and a brown spot on one, not sure where the green and yellow fit in?

Adrian: "Mason is a little bit boring" -they've all been saying this for 4 months.
Preston: "I want to be an angry bird when I grow up" -I'm not shocked, the boys are obsessed!
Adrian: "I like to sweep the kitchen" -His first chore! I bet he won't be saying this in 2 years.
Kellen: "I want a spot of tea mom" - John's been drinking a lot of tea since his Scotland trip and it's rubbing off on the little ones.

Adrian: "Mom, I'll put a bow tie on and marry you" -I was trying on a dress to get hemmed and he asked me if it was a wedding dress. Nope, just a summer moo-moo. And maybe he'll be this sweet forever?!

I could write pages and pages of this stuff, these little guys amaze me. Kids really just amaze me!

"DJ A-Dizzle"

The kids love to throw their squishy Angry Birds off the deck... I threw this one back up to John and it landed in his wine. I'm a good shot!