Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sky Rockets in Flight: iMovie

Soaking up a sunny day in the company of Pa. Shooting off rockets, playing soccer and spending some good old quality time. 

Another iMovie :) 
I really think these video's will make some of the coolest memories to watch someday!
I'm getting a little better at this... check out my editing skills at the end.

music: Such Great Heights by The Postal Service

Adrian and Preston start soccer next month. Adrian can't wait! We think he'll really take to the sport. Preston on the other hand still likes to pick up the ball and run, so we'll see how well the coaches like that :) I think he does it just to tick off Adrian tho.

When I say "Say Cheese" Kellen is always making the goofiest faces.

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Aunt Mikki said...

Just love it! Kellen is going to be a pilot...I just know it! And I think Adrian will take well to soccer too! Preston is just so mellow....back to the arts for him! Pnut & Pa are lookin good to. Miss you all, and thanks for creating this blog and sharing yoour family with us all. Bunches of love to all....