Monday, April 23, 2012

Dinner party

We were lucky to be invited to a lovely dinner party, with a couple great families and a kid friendly dinner at that, as in 9 kids to the 7 adults there. It was a wonderful evening with some great food, great  company... and yeah for some adult conversation! Much needed! 

The kids eating dinner first. I love this idea of them eating first... we'll be trying this out at our house this week. Maybe John and I can eat a warm meal and actually talk at dinner time?!? If this helps until the kids get a little older... I am all about it!!

some movie time so the adults can eat in peace.

the kids winding down with a little dance party.

asleep within 2 minutes of our 10 minute drive home!

And this one...
well, not asleep when we got home. Actual he decided to stay up until 2 am and was not a happy camper.

The bright side-- he made it through our night out and waited until we got home to be cranked... I'll take that! 


Mommie Couture said...

Looks like a fun night! Minus your little night owl.. ;)

Adam, Melissa, Blake and Karson said...

Had a blast with you this good to have some adult time! So nice to see the Siladies 2 nights in a row! Good times!!

The Starr Family said...

I love that you are adjusting so well and enjoying your sweet life!! Hooray for food & friends!