Thursday, March 29, 2012

You might be a small time hoarder "IF"

I think I am a slight hoarder 
(a small fry one) not like the TLC show or anything.

Who keeps makeup from 10+ years ago? I do did! Not anymore. I get these urges to clean house and get rid of clutter every couple months. Though if you'd look at my bathroom closet you'd think I wasn't very good at it. Shoeboxes, containers, and drawers with old, I mean OLD makeup! I found gold lip gloss that a girlfriend and I bought our senior year in high school at the hair salon. That's pretty gross, I think?!

And my roommate Jen in Florida worked at Este Lauder for a spell, so we were in sample heaven :) but it was time to finally let go of it... before I get some weird fungus or bacteria growing on my face.

The golden rule-- get rid of eye makeup after 3 years or something like that. I had over 20 things of eye shadow. I'm sure the majority of it was triple or quadruple past that 3 year limit. There was so much makeup for someone who puts a full face of it on maybe 2x a week. And my SIL brought to my attention that I've moved SO many times in the last decade... so why was I still hanging on to all this old dirty make-up??
Not sure? 

I'm cheap, I don't love shopping, I'm a little bit lazy, I might be a mini hoarder!

Time to minimize and it feels so good!


(Happiness is... Organizing and De-Cluttering for me-- this week that is :)


Amanda @RusticRemnants said...

I get that urge pretty often as well. All of a sudden I can't stand the clutter and want to throw out about 80% of what we own.

Jessica said...

That's funny...amazing what you can find when you start looking through stuff. Feels so good to de-clutter, doesn't it?! :)

The Starr Family said...

Funny... I did the very same thing this week!! It was decided that 3 tubes of false eyelash glue was a bit excessive. :)

Biz said...

I've been guilty of the same thing...even more so it's with hair products. I try things and then decide I dislike them, but since it's a full bottle I don't want to throw it out...and I can't return it. I have a basket in my guest bathroom full of hair stuff for when people visit. I figure if they try something and like it then they can take it with them.