Thursday, March 22, 2012

Video Montage - a first!

I love iMovie!

I haven't had much time to blog lately, what can I say... too many kids :) 
but I've made some time to dabble with iMovie on my Mac. I've really been looking forward to doing this for over a year now. John talked me into a Mac last year and well... once you go Mac you won't go back-- so true! I love my Mac and now I'm becoming obsessed with iMovie. I can't wait to learn how to really work with it and make cool movies and videos to post on here.

This is my very first attempt, a montage of some recent iPhone videos we've taken. Enjoy!
(and sorry the music abruptly cuts off at the end.. I haven't figured out how to fade it yet)

music: I'll be here a while: 311 & Upside down: Jack Johnson


Mikki said...

Nice job Christa! The boys are growing & Mason looks healthy & happy. You & John created a beautiful and fun family, but hide the real's hair cut time!

Anonymous said...

This is just too cute!! xo Nicole

Gayle said...

I am laughing so hard at Adrian trying to cut hair with the Doctor sissors. Landen tried to do the same thing with his to Lyvia. Cute video. Didn't get a chance to watch all 5 minutes because have to get back to work and get through some emails. Just one more mountain of crud I have to go through to bounce back from the last 4 years. Will check back here soon. Miss you. It looks so beautiful where you live.