Friday, March 9, 2012

Uncanny Comparison

First and foremost... We are home! 
Home Sweet Home!
thanks for all the lovely words of encouragement and prayers :)

We still have some follow-up appointments for Mason but he's pretty much good-to-go and we  couldn't be happier :)


So... what else is there to do while bored at the hospital?
Well, take lots of pictures of Mason, of course... and then spend time I normally wouldn't have looking at, and matching up baby comparison pictures :)

All of our boys look quite a bit alike for the first couple months of life. But Mason and Preston, look almost identical as babies. It's a little bizarre that when I look at Mason, it's as if I have a baby Preston in my arms all over again. It's almost uncanny... check it out for yourself.

It's funny how all of our kids are born with a good amount of black fuzzy hair, then after a couple months, it all falls out, get's all peach fuzzy and grows back dirty blonde. Adrian's hair has just started to darken up this past year.

Mason-- our Mini P


Mikaela said...

So glad you are home and that your sweet angel is feeling better. And OMG i have never seen two babies who aren't twins look so much alike!
Enjoy being home with all your boys!

Libby's Life said...

Wow they look so much alike! It is adorable how much they look alike! :)

Christa said...

That I crazy! They are adorable!
Glad to hear you are home!

Christa said...

**that IS crazy.
Not that I crazy haha

The Starr Family said...

Hooray! So so glad your sweet boy is feeling better and able to be home! ps... its obviously been awhile since I've been in bloggy land, loving your new header!

Parents of a Dozen said...

I am so happy to hear that you are home!!!! It must feel great.

They look so much a like!!!

yomaida said...

It wonderful to hear you are home. So happy that little one is better. AND yes, it's amazing how much Mason and Preston look alike. ADORABLE. Enjoy your time with your four babes!

Gayle said...

Wow I can't believe how much they look alike as babies. It must be weird to feel like you are raising the same baby. Like twins, but not. So cute they are such peanuts. Glad he's better. What a scare and I hope you are bounced back.