Monday, March 19, 2012

Those parents?!

I felt like we were "those" parents the other day. We were the parents at the park that were giving the other parents a slight heart attack while John lets Adrian sit on the end of the ball on top.

John pretending like he's going to yell at Adrian to come down-- instead he's thinking how great it is that Adrian isn't afraid of heights and how that will be a nice snowboarding benefit next season.



Recent Pictures. 
The daily happenings have been busy and my days are flying by.
I'm falling way behind on my social networking! Boo Me!

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't even broke out my camera since I got my Iphone early last month. Cell pics are just so convenient, fast and uber handy!

Super Hero Preston taking a break from saving the day to play a quick game.

This kid draws for about 3-4 hours a day, at least. The downside is... he's so messy, markers end up all over the place, face, hands, walls! We are currently having a marker break and are using pens and pencils right now. (this after I washed 6 walls down that were covered with roads of marker) Kellen was the #1 culprit for that incident. He's 2 1/2 and that's what they do.


Lesley @ the floyd boys said...

we're always those parents. some times other parents even ask, "does anyone knows who's kids these are" because their worried their going to fall or something. I say let them be boys.
I love the 3 in the towel!!

Mikki said...


Mommie Couture said...

Your boys really are some of the cutest little men I've ever seen in my life! I love how daring they are! Glad little Mason is back home with his brothers, too! :)