Thursday, March 29, 2012

You might be a small time hoarder "IF"

I think I am a slight hoarder 
(a small fry one) not like the TLC show or anything.

Who keeps makeup from 10+ years ago? I do did! Not anymore. I get these urges to clean house and get rid of clutter every couple months. Though if you'd look at my bathroom closet you'd think I wasn't very good at it. Shoeboxes, containers, and drawers with old, I mean OLD makeup! I found gold lip gloss that a girlfriend and I bought our senior year in high school at the hair salon. That's pretty gross, I think?!

And my roommate Jen in Florida worked at Este Lauder for a spell, so we were in sample heaven :) but it was time to finally let go of it... before I get some weird fungus or bacteria growing on my face.

The golden rule-- get rid of eye makeup after 3 years or something like that. I had over 20 things of eye shadow. I'm sure the majority of it was triple or quadruple past that 3 year limit. There was so much makeup for someone who puts a full face of it on maybe 2x a week. And my SIL brought to my attention that I've moved SO many times in the last decade... so why was I still hanging on to all this old dirty make-up??
Not sure? 

I'm cheap, I don't love shopping, I'm a little bit lazy, I might be a mini hoarder!

Time to minimize and it feels so good!


(Happiness is... Organizing and De-Cluttering for me-- this week that is :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mellow Man has a Birthday!

For Preston's birthday, John and I took him out on a date night. It was a CrAzY, wild, unpredictable night! We hit up Lego Land, Chick-fila and DQ. 

At Lego Land Preston wanted to make his brothers little lego men (how sweet!). So he made one for each of them... all on his own. They turned out super cute. 

Preston picked out his Dairy Queen cake all by himself :) 

Pa's in town visiting!
We whipped out one of Preston's playdoh birthday gifts and went to town creating things. 

Adrian's not too bad of a photographer! He might have a future there?


Preston had a birthday party to go to for a classmate recently. I was laughing so hard sending John Iphone pictures of him. Not sure if he was being shy, lazy or a little of both but all the kiddos were participating in games and he said he just wanted to watch. He finally warmed up and decided to join in after about 30 minutes. He's so mellow and laid back! like his father!

I love seeing how different all of our boys personalities are... WAY different! Adrian and Kellen would have been in the middle of the group acting like crazy fools. 

he loved the zip line!

bonus photo... xoxo


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Video Montage - a first!

I love iMovie!

I haven't had much time to blog lately, what can I say... too many kids :) 
but I've made some time to dabble with iMovie on my Mac. I've really been looking forward to doing this for over a year now. John talked me into a Mac last year and well... once you go Mac you won't go back-- so true! I love my Mac and now I'm becoming obsessed with iMovie. I can't wait to learn how to really work with it and make cool movies and videos to post on here.

This is my very first attempt, a montage of some recent iPhone videos we've taken. Enjoy!
(and sorry the music abruptly cuts off at the end.. I haven't figured out how to fade it yet)

music: I'll be here a while: 311 & Upside down: Jack Johnson

Monday, March 19, 2012

Those parents?!

I felt like we were "those" parents the other day. We were the parents at the park that were giving the other parents a slight heart attack while John lets Adrian sit on the end of the ball on top.

John pretending like he's going to yell at Adrian to come down-- instead he's thinking how great it is that Adrian isn't afraid of heights and how that will be a nice snowboarding benefit next season.



Recent Pictures. 
The daily happenings have been busy and my days are flying by.
I'm falling way behind on my social networking! Boo Me!

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't even broke out my camera since I got my Iphone early last month. Cell pics are just so convenient, fast and uber handy!

Super Hero Preston taking a break from saving the day to play a quick game.

This kid draws for about 3-4 hours a day, at least. The downside is... he's so messy, markers end up all over the place, face, hands, walls! We are currently having a marker break and are using pens and pencils right now. (this after I washed 6 walls down that were covered with roads of marker) Kellen was the #1 culprit for that incident. He's 2 1/2 and that's what they do.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Uncanny Comparison

First and foremost... We are home! 
Home Sweet Home!
thanks for all the lovely words of encouragement and prayers :)

We still have some follow-up appointments for Mason but he's pretty much good-to-go and we  couldn't be happier :)


So... what else is there to do while bored at the hospital?
Well, take lots of pictures of Mason, of course... and then spend time I normally wouldn't have looking at, and matching up baby comparison pictures :)

All of our boys look quite a bit alike for the first couple months of life. But Mason and Preston, look almost identical as babies. It's a little bizarre that when I look at Mason, it's as if I have a baby Preston in my arms all over again. It's almost uncanny... check it out for yourself.

It's funny how all of our kids are born with a good amount of black fuzzy hair, then after a couple months, it all falls out, get's all peach fuzzy and grows back dirty blonde. Adrian's hair has just started to darken up this past year.

Mason-- our Mini P

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Carpe Diem

It's supposed to snow tomorrow night.. BUT today John says it's 70 and sunny! So of course they took the kids to the park... carpe diem, make hay while the sun shines and have fun :) 

may they all be best friends forever! 

"he's the king of the world" 
(he actually might think he is sometimes)

wish we were there too!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Twilight Zone-ish

We're at the hospital still.... 
This is starting to feel like ground hog day and a little like the twighlight zone. I'm more than ready to take this little baby home! His tiny tummy is so delicate now so we just need to see how his introduction back to food goes in the next day or two. THEN-- we can go home! I was about to have John bring us some house plants, a couple posters and some candles to homey up our new hospital apartment.  I have to say tho, we are lucky to be at a very wonderful, nice, new, clean hospital-- so that's a plus!

I'm confident I'll be able to post that we've made it home very soon!! Mason is a strong little trooper. And he even had his very first smile the other day... (tear). 

John and Adrian were visiting the other night and Mason stared intensely at John for what seemed like forever. Maybe he misses that guy :)

gianormous brown eyes

I've learned so much while staying here. 

1- always speak up when I see something I don't like or something I think is wrong 
2-  ask lot's of questions, even if I think they might be redundant or even silly 
3- doctors and nurses aren't always right 
4- starting a medical journal is very important for note taking
AND last... always trust your motherly instincts!