Saturday, February 4, 2012

Swimming in a Snow Storm

We had over 20" of snow in our hood and swim class was not cancelled... for real?!? We made it safe and sound and only passed a hand full of cars, the place was a ghost town yesterday. All the smart people stayed in and the adventurous ones risked their children's lives for 30 minutes of swimming lessons. No, really tho I took John's car which is amazing in the snow and went about 20 mph the whole way... just 3 miles from our house. And I got passed by all 10 cars that were out n about. I was very cautious!

Behind this fun stuff is a lazy river, inner tubes, rolling logs and a grande mac daddy hot tub. Great incentive for a job well done during swim class.

a little bit of snow on the porch...

Adrian sledding with John today... he was doing the old shuttle take off... counting down from 10 super fast. 


Biz said...

I will take swimming in a pool over a snowstorm ANY day!
Stay warm!

P.S. I accidentally deleted your comment and you don't have an email attached to your comments so I couldn't tell you that way. Would you send it again? So sorry, still learning my new iPhone!


Sean Marie said...

Wow, 20 flipping inches?! Crazy. Glad you made it there and back safely.

The Starr Family said...

Christa... I showed my kiddos that pic of the snow on your porch!! They couldn't believe it!! We've had hardly any here, you took it with you when you left!

How great is that pool? Seriously!

Parents of a Dozen said...

I can't believe you are willing/able to take the kids to swimming lessons with a little baby! How is Mason doing? We had our warmest winter EVER! It has been nice for me. The little ones miss the snow. My older ones don't miss the shoveling.