Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lovely Visitors

First a hospital update: 
It's going on 7 days tomorrow :( Mason is still about the same, we are still waiting for his healthy upswing to come and then stick around. Just hoping it's before we both start to develop bedsores and I'm running out of items on this fine menu that are fool proof for a hospital kitchen. I'll never take a healthy child, q-tips, a razor and Whole Food's market for granted again! And we'll be putting all of our kids in a bubble after this experience. I've already been on Amazon ordering up EcoLab antibacterial foam for the house, the cars and my diaper bag (hospital uses it, so it should be the best I hope)

For now-- he is comfortable in my lap, sleeping peacefully!


Recently John's mom and her friend Molly came in to town for a visit, along with an extended weekend visit from my very dear friend Sherrie.  All of the kids received lots and lots of attention. It was perfect timing and we had such a wonderful week with everyone!! 

hibachi night with the whole gang. a big hit with the kids!

making cupcakes

Grandma Honey at Lookout Mountain

Molly's favorite place, hanging out with Mason on her shoulder :)

Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
We can't wait to see a concert there this summer! The road up to it makes me want to puke a little bit, it's very winding and a little high up but such a cool place. The older I get the more scared of heights I am-- strange.

Following John and the ladies, driving around Boulder after lunch with Sherrie and the kids.

When you live far away and have visitors come into town, I think the time spent is used more wisely-- not taking it for granted, soaking up moments with one another and collecting lot's of memories that will last until the next visit.


Sara K {SaigeWisdom} said...

Poor little Mason, no fair. On another note, I can't get over how photogenic you are... daggers {just kidding}. Hope you and Mr. Tiny get home soon.


Laura said...

Thinking of you guys and saying a little prayer for Mason. Hope you guys are able to leave the hospital soon. I feel crazy about all the germs floating around my baby right now, I feel like a few people I "know" have babies in the hospital trying to kick these nasty bugs. I hate that. Hang in there mama, good to hear you got to spend time with visitors even so!

Mommie Couture said...

Do they know what is wrong or how it happened!? Ugh, I would totally want to put them all in a bubble as soon as you get home! Poor baby (and mama!)