Thursday, February 23, 2012

a Hospital Vacation

The most helpless feeling for me is when one of our children are sick.

Mason and I are taking a vacation at the hospital for a couple days. He's picked up a bug and at just 6 weeks old he's not fighting it well on his own. The doctor told me to think of it as a vacation. So I'm going to make the most of it and I'm going to utilize this one on one time with Mason and snuggle on my little man while he's getting great care from the doctors and nurses-- and I will catch up on mail, bills, blogs, emails, facebook, pinterest and maybe a little sleep?!? I did say little :) Basically, all the things I haven't had time for lately. 

John is playing super awesome dad/mom and sending me pics and videos of the boys...
being bad. being silly. being sleepy. being ornery. 

good to know they are brushing their teeth in my absence :)

and playing


and taking their naps :)

and Adrian lost his first tooth last week (above)

and I just missed him losing his 2nd tooth tonight, check out that gap! Hello Tooth Fairy!


Lesley @ the floyd boys said...

Awwe hoping you and mason get better soon!!!

Danna said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Mason is sick! I will be praying for healing and rest for the both of you. The pictures you shared are so sweet!

Mikaela said...

Feel better soon Mason! And tell Adrian that I showed Isabella the picture of his missing teeth and she said "he's just like me now!" Hope the tooth fairy is good to him ;)

Laura said...

Sorry to hear Mason isn't feeling well. I agree, it's THE most helpless feeling ever. Thinking and praying for you guys. Hang in there mama.

Olga said...

Poor little Mason. My second (Oceana) got sick when she was only a few weeks old too, so I know how that is. :( . Praying he gets better ASAP!

Biz said...

Bitsy is battling a cold right now.
Just went to the doctor today and they said that right now there isn't anything they can job is to keep the humidifier going and bring her in the bathroom when I shower so she can get some benefits from the steam. I hate not being able to do more...she sounds worse than she probably is.
Hoping you DO rest!
And the video of your little man asleep is adorable!!!


Barbara said...

Oh Poor Mason! I hope he feels better soon. Snuggle him extra close!

Kelsey Poofy Cheeks said...

Poor Mason!! Take care of yourself and Mason! Though I don't know it is a 'vacation' at least you will be able to breathe and catch up!! Your in my thoughts!

Sean Marie said...

Oh my gosh, that must be so terrifying. You're such a strong mama. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Get well soon Mason!

Parents of a Dozen said...

I will keep Mason and you in my prayers.