Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extended Stay: Poor Baby!

I miss my husband, my kids and our busy, crazy and sometimes chaotic typical days. But there is no where I'd rather be at this moment than right here next to Mason at the hospital. Looks like we'll be staying a little longer than we thought... patiently waiting for our baby to get better. He's going to be getting his nutrients through an IV soon. And we still aren't certain what exactly the illness is. A virus of some sort and his whole bodily functions are just out of whack. It's such a relief that he's in wonderful hands and we couldn't be more pleased with his nurses and doctors!

The view from our hospital room isn't too bad.

On the home front-- John is such a rock star dad in my absence. He's fit into my role as SAHM quite well :) However,  he's excited to be getting some help from his mom aka Grandma Honey when she flies back to Denver Tuesday. I was just working on her "Denver Visit" blog post when all this hospital stuff went down. Terri and her friend were here just 8 days ago. She left about 4 days too early. Wish we had ESP to see what the following week was to hold for poor Mason. 


I'm loving all of my updates and all the pics I get daily of my boys! Here's a little of what everyone is up to.

playing on the porch on a gorgeous day

making banana/apple bread

watching movie's in mom and dad's bed

and wrestling


Biz said...

Poor kiddo!
Bitsy is still sick too.
Last couple of days she's taken SUPER loooong naps. I think her body is fighting hard, just wish there was more I could do!
Thinking and praying for you!


Mandy said...

Poor Mason and Mommy :( Praying he recovers quick. Thinking of you all...

The Slice said...

I love instagram posts! New to your blog but I am glad I stopped by

Mommie Couture said...

Those first 2 pictures pull at my heart strings! The poor little guy is like "Mama, what is wrong with me? What's happening?" I will be praying he gets better really, really soon and you can get back home to your other little (and big) misters!

womanwalkignupright said...

I am so sorry to hear that you guys are dealing with this! Mason is so cute and I look forward to hearing that you have him home and that everyone can love on him! how blessed to have a hubby who has stepped in & filled those big shoes of yours :) I'll keep you all in my prayers!