Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lovely Visitors

First a hospital update: 
It's going on 7 days tomorrow :( Mason is still about the same, we are still waiting for his healthy upswing to come and then stick around. Just hoping it's before we both start to develop bedsores and I'm running out of items on this fine menu that are fool proof for a hospital kitchen. I'll never take a healthy child, q-tips, a razor and Whole Food's market for granted again! And we'll be putting all of our kids in a bubble after this experience. I've already been on Amazon ordering up EcoLab antibacterial foam for the house, the cars and my diaper bag (hospital uses it, so it should be the best I hope)

For now-- he is comfortable in my lap, sleeping peacefully!


Recently John's mom and her friend Molly came in to town for a visit, along with an extended weekend visit from my very dear friend Sherrie.  All of the kids received lots and lots of attention. It was perfect timing and we had such a wonderful week with everyone!! 

hibachi night with the whole gang. a big hit with the kids!

making cupcakes

Grandma Honey at Lookout Mountain

Molly's favorite place, hanging out with Mason on her shoulder :)

Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
We can't wait to see a concert there this summer! The road up to it makes me want to puke a little bit, it's very winding and a little high up but such a cool place. The older I get the more scared of heights I am-- strange.

Following John and the ladies, driving around Boulder after lunch with Sherrie and the kids.

When you live far away and have visitors come into town, I think the time spent is used more wisely-- not taking it for granted, soaking up moments with one another and collecting lot's of memories that will last until the next visit.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extended Stay: Poor Baby!

I miss my husband, my kids and our busy, crazy and sometimes chaotic typical days. But there is no where I'd rather be at this moment than right here next to Mason at the hospital. Looks like we'll be staying a little longer than we thought... patiently waiting for our baby to get better. He's going to be getting his nutrients through an IV soon. And we still aren't certain what exactly the illness is. A virus of some sort and his whole bodily functions are just out of whack. It's such a relief that he's in wonderful hands and we couldn't be more pleased with his nurses and doctors!

The view from our hospital room isn't too bad.

On the home front-- John is such a rock star dad in my absence. He's fit into my role as SAHM quite well :) However,  he's excited to be getting some help from his mom aka Grandma Honey when she flies back to Denver Tuesday. I was just working on her "Denver Visit" blog post when all this hospital stuff went down. Terri and her friend were here just 8 days ago. She left about 4 days too early. Wish we had ESP to see what the following week was to hold for poor Mason. 


I'm loving all of my updates and all the pics I get daily of my boys! Here's a little of what everyone is up to.

playing on the porch on a gorgeous day

making banana/apple bread

watching movie's in mom and dad's bed

and wrestling

Thursday, February 23, 2012

a Hospital Vacation

The most helpless feeling for me is when one of our children are sick.

Mason and I are taking a vacation at the hospital for a couple days. He's picked up a bug and at just 6 weeks old he's not fighting it well on his own. The doctor told me to think of it as a vacation. So I'm going to make the most of it and I'm going to utilize this one on one time with Mason and snuggle on my little man while he's getting great care from the doctors and nurses-- and I will catch up on mail, bills, blogs, emails, facebook, pinterest and maybe a little sleep?!? I did say little :) Basically, all the things I haven't had time for lately. 

John is playing super awesome dad/mom and sending me pics and videos of the boys...
being bad. being silly. being sleepy. being ornery. 

good to know they are brushing their teeth in my absence :)

and playing

and taking their naps :)

and Adrian lost his first tooth last week (above)

and I just missed him losing his 2nd tooth tonight, check out that gap! Hello Tooth Fairy!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kids say the darndest things.

It was Idol week at school and Adrian told his teachers and class that his dad was a "rockstar".

After Adrian's comment, John received a request from the teachers to come play some guitar for the preschool classes. So he brushed up on his ABC's, Twinkle, Twinkle and 5 Little Monkeys. Being in a couple bands back in the day is really paying off for dad.

He just might have a future in the Wiggles :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Where are you?

I think it's gone. All gone. Totally gone. My "new baby" adrenaline has left my body and now I'm a little a lot tired and a little stressed. And as much as I hate to say it, the thought that we might end up on an episode of Nanny 911 has crossed my mind more than once in the last week or so.

The bright side is that they all look really sweet an innocent in pictures :)

 Mason's blanky blends right in with the bed. See his little bean arm flailing in the air.

Of course Mason IS still sweet and innocent, for now.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

First Date Night of 2012

John and I had our first date night in 2012-- a quick night out with our 2 1/2 hour window (nursing baby boy puts a time limit on everything right now).

What we ended up with on our night out: some sweet blurry cell phone before pics, some good wine, shrimp bruschetta, ahi tuna with guacamole and I ended up sick with a sore throat that night... just the beginning of my on going illness. I sounded like a dude for 2 days then my voice turned into a 12 year old boy hitting puberty, now I can barely speak and it hurts so bad! How in the world will I yell at the kids when they are bad today?!? I'm one of those people that waits to the last minute, until I can't take it anymore and then I go to the doctor for meds. I'm pretty sure the lack of sleep has something to do with my inability to recover from this. I'm sitting here in bed right now at 5:15 in the morning with 3 little boys and a sleeping baby watching Bob Ross (happy little tree's ring a bell :) paint mountains and I'm totally shocked the kids are so into him!
Now-- time to get serious and research a family doctor that can fix me... fast!

It's really been a swell couple of days. "Sick" has awful timing!!

blurrier and blurry... better than nothing

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Q-Tip Painting

Love, love a good Pinterest find!

Q-Tip Painting turned out to be lot's of fun for the kids (and me too :)
Big bonus-- it was less mess than using brushes and finger painting AND great for sharpening those fine motor skills!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Swimming in a Snow Storm

We had over 20" of snow in our hood and swim class was not cancelled... for real?!? We made it safe and sound and only passed a hand full of cars, the place was a ghost town yesterday. All the smart people stayed in and the adventurous ones risked their children's lives for 30 minutes of swimming lessons. No, really tho I took John's car which is amazing in the snow and went about 20 mph the whole way... just 3 miles from our house. And I got passed by all 10 cars that were out n about. I was very cautious!

Behind this fun stuff is a lazy river, inner tubes, rolling logs and a grande mac daddy hot tub. Great incentive for a job well done during swim class.

a little bit of snow on the porch...

Adrian sledding with John today... he was doing the old shuttle take off... counting down from 10 super fast. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hanging Out

Because that's what we do a lot of... just hanging out at home in between running to preschool, errands, groceries and that kind of stuff. It's nice to take the time to enjoy the kids at home lately. I know one day (it will happen before we know it) John and I will just be full time taxi's and dinners all together will be minimal as all the kids fill their schedules with sports and school activities and have new best friends they'd rather hang with. 

A rare moment of "getting along" while playing some angry birds. These moments are sweet but more often then not lately they end up in a WWF wrestling match in the living room, with lot's of yelling, tackling and then crying. Kellen is to the point where I think he could actually take on Adrian and win. He is becoming such a little bull. I guess that's to be expected when he's the smaller of the three.