Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yeah for Collages

I'm rather obsessed with picture collages at the moment and have been pinning them like crazy on Pinterest. I have to rely on pictures for ideas, I just don't trust my judgement on the spacing and what looks right. This one is still a little off, but it wasn't bad for the quickie I gave it. And those pic frames were uber expensive from the dollar store. Yah, we're big ballers :) I'll buy nicer frames someday (for now the boys have knocked them off the wall a couple times and broke one already... no need to spend say more)

My first go at it in the new pad. Right before Mason was born I decided the red-headed step children's bedroom needed some love. Poor little boys, their room was baren, cold looking and so un-cozy. 

I ordered mostly goofy pictures of them in the sepia color. There are lots of brown and tan tones in their curtains and I painted the P and K so they would always know who's bed was who's :) I would like to eventually do a collage with a mixture of kids paintings, drawings and cute photos of them.

Here's a favorite wall collage we did from 08' on my favorite mango wall! It was John's favorite color too, I'm certain all men would agree.


Jessica said...

Love that collage on the mango wall. Also like the whole bench set up. By the way...how do you have time to do that? It must be the coffee... ;)

The Starr Family said...

She just had a baby. She's raising 4 boys. And she's decorating. You rock Christa.