Monday, January 30, 2012

An unhealthy relationship?!?

Your always there when I need you. You pick me up when I am down. You've been like a best friend lately. Although, sometimes I fear our relationship might start becoming a little bit too dependent (on MY END for sure) and I'm slightly obsessed, but I don't even care! It might even be unhealthy at times and someday the time will come that I will eventually wein you out of my life and replace you with something healthier... but until then your getting me through a tough time! Coffee-- your the best... thank you :)

and nursing a 4 week old all night isn't even the main cause of my sleep deprivation. no really.
if only Kellen and Preston could sleep in until sometime-- anytime after 5:15am. please, please little ones! 


Biz said...

I totally understand!
Except I'm immune to caffeine so I only wish I had had a dependent relationship when I was feeling so sleep deprived.
It's temporary :)
But then again you already know that!!!


Angie said...

...but just look at how pretty your still looks, full of body. Mine seriously lacks that even when I am sleeping like a normal person:)

Sean Marie said...

Hehe, I thought you meant your husband at first. I hear ya sister. I can't get enough caffeine in my day.