Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweet Pea Pictures

I'm actually too tired to type anything with much substance. I'm staring at a pile of hospital paperwork to go through, Insurance papers, mail from last week, and pre-school registration papers for next year, a desk that's a hot mess... and my head is spinning. I save this stuff to finish when the kids are still sleeping at night or in the morning, now I just need some motivation and my morning cup of coffee... stat!


Jennifer said...

Precious pics! I love the car seat one.

jessicaclarke said...

What a cutie, my youngest is 9 months and it seems like forever ago that he was that tiny

The Starr Family said...

I'm behind on your blog!! Mason is ever so handsome Christa, just a doll!

Biz said...

I love the picture in the hospital!
So innocent!
How do they grow so fast!
I hope you are finding time to shower and rest!
Sending hugs your way!