Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eighteen Days and Big Bros

18 days into his new life and Mason is a well behaved, low maintenance baby :) and now that I just typed that, he'll develop colic behavior, gas issues and spit up like it's his job. Really tho, other than having his days and nights a little mixed up, he's making having a fourth child slightly, slightly easy... so far. And now if I could just get the other 3 boys to sleep past 5:15am 7 days a week we might be onto something like a decent schedule with at least 5 to 6 hours of sleep for me somewhere in there. Seriously our boys have got to be used to the 2 hour Mountain Time change by now!!! 

The boys really seem to love having a tiny new little brother. I catch Preston and Adrian staring at him sleeping in the pack n play and talking to him quite often. They're doing great in their big brother role.

Mini John #1 holding Mini John #2 :)

I can't wait to post the pics of my mini photo shoot I did with Mason.
Hopefully I'll be finished with them next week. 

Currently, "Jammie Day" at our house is about 4 days a week. 

The trio sporting their super cute new jammies from Gma Honey. Perfect since we wear these types of threads more than anything these days. And since bringing Mason home, there are somedays we go from jammies to bathtime to new jammies. Yeah!

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Biz said...

I'm all about jammie day!
In fact I'm all about multiple jammie days in a row!
The boys all look adorable and I'm so glad to see the little one.
Can't wait for more pictures!