Thursday, December 22, 2011

X Factor Krajcik Magic: Go Josh!

Wow, I can't believe (I actually can since he is amazing!) but it was a little surreal watching Josh last night on the Xfactor now in the top 3! His performance was breathtaking and moving. It was so neat to see my former high school on the show last night. No doubt Josh has a BIG following! His voice is wonderful, he is unique and a great, great performer and this is definitely his time to shine! Now we'll patiently wait in anticipation untl 7:00pm Mountain Time tonight to see if he'll win 1st place. Regardless if he wins this show or not I'm certain he'll sign with a big label, make popular records, tour and start getting the recognition he's deserved for the past 15 years. And I have this feeling that we'll be able to watch him perform at the Red Rock Ampatheater in CO someday in the future!! And that my friends would be AWESOME!

Go Josh, Krajcik Magic, Sing Beast Sing, Beast to Win it!

In case you need a recap: Josh's Xfactor Audition

Successfully stretching out my Josh Krajcik T-shirt. We were preparing for the viewing of the show last night.

Little Josh (Krajcik Magic) fans :)

Official Fan Page


SaigeWisdom said...

you know him?! I'm all star struck now... I get weird around celebrities {and their high school classmates apparently}... too cool.

yomaida said...

So cool! You are all so cute dang cute. Your boys are growing so much. They are darling....:) I hope you have a Merry Christmas!