Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 11 of 2011

I jumped at the chance to put together my top favorite 11 photos of our children of 2011. I thought this would be a fun link-up. It's been nice sifting through pictures from the last year. 
It was very hard to pick just 11!!!

Now for a mini walk down memory lane of 2011.

Our first walk on the new trail in our backyard in CO this past September. I love the mountains and the freedom this picture represents, all three little boys running to the park on the trail. It was a gorgeous day!

Our first visit at the our favorite park down the street from our new neighborhood. Adrian was a monkey that day.

Adrian is so excited about this new baby and just so loving and protective. I think that this picture shows that. And of course the foothills and awesome blue sky in the background are gorgeous.

I like this action shot. Family picture out take. I'm trying to get the kids to stand still, look at the camera, quit goofing around and John is patiently waiting to smile for the 100th picture taken that day. It's just typical... a little chaos mixed with some patients, a laid back dad, a mom with a challenge and a goal of trying for that perfect family picture (or just everyone looking in the same direction would have been satisfying :)

I love how relaxed John is and how much Kellen is enjoying his peaceful time with dad.

All my boys enjoying a sunny day in Ohio right before the big move this summer.

All three boys connecting with one another. Of course... this one is priceless no doubt :) I wish they weren't sporting their jammies tho. 

More brotherly love.

I had to make a dual picture out of this so I could include them both. Preston looks so cute in my brothers hat and I love Kellen's eyes and his unique brown spec. It's such an innocent picture.

It's priceless the way Adrian is looking at my grandma Julia, and she is priceless!

Walking with my little ducklings. 

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sarah reinhart said...

I adore the one of you and your sons where one is touching the sweet lil bump. New baby coming soon! Exciting! We just had our fourth in November. What a happy time for you! said...

Great pictures..what a wonderful little family you have. Especially like the last shot of you and your boys!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Adorable pics! I love reading about the lives of other moms with 3 boys. We are in a special club!

Insomniac Mom said...

Congrats on the new one, you are certainly beautiful in pregnancy! I'm a new blogger so check me out

Anonymous said...

Aww. such cute photos. Are you having a boy or girl this time? thanks so much for linking up with us.

The Starr Family said...

Adorable. Of course.

Barbara said...

I absolutely love that last picture! It is definitely frame worthy!

Amber said...

Wow, a full house. I love it. Now, that I have a son of my own I have a new appreciation for moms, especially moms of several children.

Your family is beautiful and so is your new location. Thanks for sharing with us.

mommy of Five said...

i loved the look into your year!! your boys are so handsome! just found your site so i will have to see if you are having a boy or girl....
here is s GREAT new YEAR for your family!

Parents of a Dozen said...

You have a beautiful family!! All your pictures are nice. I really like the last one the best.

Courtney said...

What a great collection! Congrats on your newest angel! We are expecting as well (baby #3) and our oldest (Kate, 4yrs) is obsessed with the baby too! That was the perfect image to show that! I LOVE that your family photo outtakes look a lot like ours. :O) Thanks for linking up with us!