Saturday, December 17, 2011

Super Hero's and Sugar Highs

After we took Rachel and Chase to the airport Sunday we continued on with our full weekend and headed to northern Denver for a SUPER HERO BIRTHDAY! Melissa and Adam threw their son Blake a fantab Birthday Partay!! We are very lucky to have met this family... they are all good eggs!

Kellen loved Blake and Karson's piano.

What a cool idea, I loved the Super Hero theme! What little boy wouldn't be in heaven?!? The kids had masks and capes and wonderful goody bags filled with super hero treasures gallor.

We all had so much fun and Preston ate so much frosting that he threw it all up at 2 am. Blue and green  carpet and sheets. Totally my fault... that's what happens when I don't regulate enough and didn't make him eat more dinner before all the sweet stuff. And at one point Kellen wasn't even using his hands, just face diving into his frosting filled cupcake. Sugar can be a parents worst nightmare yet we can't take all that fun away. I mean we could I suppose but who wants to be that evil vilan, no fun parent? On normal (non-birthday party) days I think we do pretty well at cutting back on that kiddy crack-like substance.
Sugar, Sugar, Sugar!!

Oh the joys of parenting-- and still learning to parent even after 3 kids. Trial and error... A parent learns a new lesson everyday!!!  

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Mommyhood by, Jess said...

What a cute birthday party! I love the cupcakes and the masks & capes. How fun for the boys!