Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Personalized Message from Santa

It's that time of year when we trick our kids into believing that Santa's the real deal and will come down the chimney even tho they can clearly see that it's way too small. And we'll make Saint Nick some cookies and leave them out for John and I to stuff our faces with after the kids fall asleep.

Adrian's full of questions this year. He keeps asking about the chimney and how Santa will be able to break through the glass on our electric fire place. And when we actually use the fireplace he's always telling us to turn it off so Santa doesn't burn his bum. It's pretty cute stuff! I just hope the innocent belief in the jolly old fat man lasts for at least a couple more years before Adrian realizes the truth and ruins it for his brothers.

I will milk this alllll month long... I've already threatened to call Santa about 20x so far. And it's worked every time.  Not sure how long that will last? Hopefully till their 7 or 8 :)

Like we did last year, we used the free PNP personalized santa message website. The boys were stuck to the computer like glue watching Santa talk to each of them, telling them if they were on the naughty or nice list and what they need to work on to be good boys. The lovely thing about this... I can change them to the naughty list and resend them a message if they are bad! I'm sure I'll have the chance to try that one out by tomorrow.

Kellen's Message from Santa

Santa Adrian 2010
Compliments of Adrian's sweet pre-school teacher Courtney from last year. 


Barbara said...

This is our third year doing it and I love it! We always have to do 2 videos though, one in English and one in French. Santa is very talented.

Mommie Couture said...

This is awesome!! I can't wait until my little stud muffin is old enough to do stuff like this! :)

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME! I have to do this for my little one!!!