Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Out with the OLD and in with the NEW: A lesson in giving.

Teaching the meaning of giving. 

Most of my weekend was spent picking through our current toys with the kids, figuring out what they'd like to give to children in need and what they'd like to keep. I told them that Santa can't bring them more toys because we have no more room. And Santa needs more toys to give to other little kids. It's a wonderful lesson for them to learn and I hope we're successful at raising children that are caring, empathetic, and sympathetic to others. Such an important lesson!

They took it to the extreme at first... they started throwing ALL of their toys in the bags, overly generous. I had to explain this process a couple more times before they understood it more clearly. I was pleasantly surprised they were willing to give just about anything to the "giving bag" without any hesitation or a fight.

That green suede stool that doubles for a toy box is my favorite! They are the best dual purpose toy box/seating must haves (Target: about $15 or so). We have three and I usually keep them in the living room so when company comes over we can just toss all the toys in and then it "looks" clean :)

It's still congested but with 3 little kids, there's just no hiding it all. Their main play area is the landing upstairs so it's sort of hidden from the main view, which is nice.

I'd like to keep up the "giving" activity and do this 2x a year. Christmas and Spring.

(2 bags and 1 big box to donate)

We're ready for Santa baby!


SaigeWisdom said...

I typically do this WITHOUT Saige, but I think you're onto something by including the little ones in your toy sweep for charity. Such a sweet Christmas idea/tradition... out with the old and in with the new/few.

Biz said...

You read my mind!
I told Bud that I really wanted to do this when our kids get older!
The idea of Christmas time and maybe Birthday time giving before receiving will help raise a heart of giving and caring. Also being military we move every few years so the less that we have to move the better...this will help us maintain a lower level of clutter :)

Thank you for sharing and reinforcing my thought process!