Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year and the Liebster Blog Award

We are about to embark on another New Year!! WhooHoo to that!  
A New Year and adding on a new little face to these fun and goofy pictures.

(they love their pretend glasses, i mean LOVE)

Here's to 2012... I feel the same as I did last New Years and have the same message, 
2011 post: Happy New Year  

** However, I would like to add on more "balance" or "a better juggling act" in 2012
I hope to find the right balance for all the things that I love.


I'm honored to have been presented with the:

Given by to me by: The Floyd Boys 
a new fav too... (thanks Lesley!!)

Now, you might be wondering what the heck is a Liebster Blog Award. I had no idea? It originated in Germany and recognizes up-and-coming bloggers. It is meant to showcase those who have fewer than 200 followers. (Liebster means “ favorite” or “dearest” in German) In the spirit of pay-it-forward... I have picked 4 of my favorite blogs to share from 2011. (and I have so many more, but not enough time)

This was a no brainer. I really, really enjoy this blog! Kate is so fun and creative and has extraordinary decorating taste and awesome DIY tutorials, and adds a little bit of fun family life in between. And she's from my my old neck of the woods, my hometown in Ohio, so that's a bonus and a rare one.

This has been one of my steady follows for some time now. Jenn is sweet, cute, stylish and a newer mom and has a neat creative little website/blog design company called Chirp & Bloom (cute name!) And she's from our former temporary home state of Florida.

Now I didn't follow this award by the book (this blog has a lot more than 200 followers) but it's a wonderful DIY cratfty blog that was a favorite for a long time. It looks as though Tanya has been a little busy but her "tutorial" link is great and has some awesome ideas!! I tried this one out last year Eyelit Trim Belt. It was super easy and added a cute accessory to some of my Blah shirts.

Nicole is a young fun loving spirited blogger and runner. I suppose I live a tad bit vicariously through her young life. She blogs about anything and everything and running too. She was also a great brain to pick when we were moving to CO. She used to attend school here and had wonderful advise to give about the areas. We actually moved to one of the towns she raved about. Through blogs I have discovered once again just how small this world can be. 

It seems that the blogs I enjoy are always changing and growing... it really depends on what's going on in my world. If I'm in a crafty mood then it's DIY and decor blogs, if I'm pregnant than I gravitate towards mom and pregnancy blogs. My taste is ever evolving and that's a good thing... broadening those old horizons of mine :)


SaigeWisdom said...

I too love the boys' faux glasses. A big congrats on the blog award... such a sweet shout out... I think I may have to give one away in the new year... lots of great, undiscovered blogs out there. Happy 2012.

Ashley said...

Found you through the Floyd Boys! Happy New Year to your sweet family (I love to find families with bunches of boys like my own!)

Sean Marie said...

Haha, so cute! Happy new year to you and your wonderful family! :)

Nicole said...

You are so sweet! Thank you so much! :) I almost flew to Colorado this past weekend for NYE and was going to send you an email saying that we should meet up for coffee. But then I ended up staying here in Portland at the last minute. Next time!

Kodi said...

Congratulations on your award!

I found your blog through the Floyd Boys and I'm so glad I did!
I love how cute you and your family are:)

Have a great Tuesday!

The Starr Family said...

Just saw this and I am flattered... especially because it comes from you, someone that writes a REAL blog :) Thanks Christa, you rock!