Friday, December 2, 2011

Independence, always a good thing?!?

Would I rather my kids wake me up at night OR give it a go on their own?!?!? Hmm.. I suppose it depends on how big of a mess I will have to clean up in the morning? Sleep is pretty important in the last home stretch of my pregnancy!! For real!

Independent Adrian didn't want to bother us and wake us up the other night (thanks buddy!) but the boy was thirsty, so he got up on his own headed to the kitchen and chugged on some coffee creamer to quench his thirst. 

Eweeew.. I know, nasty, nasty stuff!! 

awesome reenactment 

Adrian told us all about it in the morning. I am sure he was aiming for the milk but we get ours delivered from a local farm and the glass bottles are uber heavy, so the little container of creamer was probably all he could reach and lift out. Poor guy. But very funny!

Independent Preston. These were taken the week we stayed at my aunt and uncles house while we were waiting to move to CO. Preston found some dog tags and my shades. This kid loves to dress up!! And he's found interest in picking out his own clothes. He may not match very often, but I have an extra 5 minutes added onto my day.

I promise we feed him... he's just small :)

I think I'll make a book next year of all the boys and their dress up outfits over the last 4 years. Then whenever the boys make me mad I can just look at the book and laugh it off!

Stick a couple dum-dums in my purse and I could easily get through a shopping trip, but that all changes with time. It'll get harder for a period then it'll get easier again, then harder then easier :)

Independence and "me"... with 3 little guys 2, 3 and 5, every now and again I like to test out my own independence with the munchkins. Tonight we are picking up daddy at the airport from a biz trip and I was thinking of having them make a cute sign and we'll go in to greet dad... maybe or maybe not?!? I might be crazy? These boys are anti-stroller right now, so not being confined, if one runs one way and one another way, and then one has a melt down... I'd be in trouble, not to mention totally embarrassed! We'll see how adventurous I am feeling tonight. Curbside pick-up might be sounding awesome and easy :)

Truthfully, it's probably been the single hardest thing I've had to give up ever since we decided to have a larger family so quickly. I've just had to be honest to the fact that there are things I just can't do solo sometimes with so many little tots tow. 


nicole. said...

i seriously cannot imagine. can. not.

three boys. THREE. i have ONE {well plus the teenage girl} and can barely contain him at the grocery store... let alone an airport or other nonsense.

you my friend, are a brave soul.

Barbara said...

I'll have to revisit this post in a couple of months when I have 2 boys to take care of. One is still a piece of cake in the store, but 2....we'll have to see!

Breanna said...

Hahaha Poor Guy! My son has done that with coffee creamer. I couldn't stop laughing!

Boys are great! I have two + a girl!!

Lesley said...

These are the things I think about when we consider having more babies. I want them..but life will surely change. Seeing all your boys together makes me want more boys though. They are just so cute!

The Starr Family said...

Its crazy fun Christa. Wild, trying, but crazy fun. And your kids will remember a life of pure joy.

So proud of you for so many reasons! You're an inspiration chickadee!