Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Homestretch: The End is Near!

Is the end getting close for this pregnancy? Perhaps? Maybe? I do think so!!
My prediction is this new baby will bless us shortly after the New Year.

34.4 weeks                                                                   36 weeks

(In just a little more than a week the baby and this belly has popped out at least another inch or 2)

Signs that the end is near:
  • the waddle walk has already begun
  • the cravings for ice cream and carbs are overpowering (as I type this, I just polished off a pint of mocha chocolate chip ice cream, Sooo Yum! thanks Amy & Jeff)
  • I feel the need to cram a bunch of cleaning, nesting, errands, and list making into the next few weeks
  • feel like I borrowed my hips from my 80+ year old grandmother
  • standing up from the sitting position on the floor takes me entirely too long
  • I'm ready to pack my hospital bag
  • I got a great pedicure the other day (can't have jacked up, un-manicured feet for my OB when he delivers)
  • can't keep my eyes open past 8:30
  • breathing is challenging as my lungs feel totally crushed
  • nighttime trips to the potty have doubled, no tripled
  • I've had to break out the belly support band to help hold up the baby/belly
  • I can't tell the difference between growing belly pains and braxton hicks (you'd think after 3 kids this would be a cinch, not so!)
  • moving much slower, like turtle speed 
  • I'm actually sitting down trying to relax for a couple hours each day and that is very unusual for me.
  • I'm starting to get nervous and John's requested that I hold the baby in until Feb or March... oh sure thing!


    Angie said...

    This post made me smile with the memories and the fact that they are memories and not actually happening to me again,hehehe. Best wishes for your upcoming delivery!

    The Starr Family said...

    Dare I say Christa girl... baby has lowered if just a little??? Your house is gonna be straight rock n roll when that baby comes, think how fun it will be!! (and tiring, and crazy... but fun!)

    Laura said...

    We must be due the same time I am 36 weeks too! I can sympathize with everyone of your signs. haha. We are sooooo close though. Can't wait to see your new little bundle.

    Sean Marie said...

    No better way to start the new year than to welcome an addition to the family! You're looking great. Can't wait for the little one. :)

    AmyJanel said...

    Love the pics and the realization that your #4 is so near!!
    Christa, you look beautiful - your hair is so long too!!
    At 24 weeks, I am embarrassed to admit I also cannot stand getting up from the floor and that rest breaks are very desirable and tempting. :). Tmrw is my gestational diabetes test + my first progesterone shot - yippee for me! LOL

    Bottom line...love being in this with you once again. :-)

    Barbara said...

    Your little baby will be here before you know it!! How exciting!