Sunday, December 25, 2011

He was here! Cookies & Milk... Ho Ho Ho

The past couple days we've been preparing to feed the white haired, big belly, red cheeked, jolly old man. I feel like we're having just as much fun as the kids are this year, reliving our childhood dreams of catching Santa in the act and waking up to oodles of gifts under the tree. 

The best part is eating them. For me and the boys! I was almost sugar shocked and sick after eating a little too much cookie dough and frosting. I had no self control and it's always like this for me these last couple weeks of pregnancy. Weak I am!! So Weak... to sugar and excess of carbs! They are my best friends right now.

6:45 am Santa has left his gifts, eaten our cookies, drank our milk and left a sweet note.

A box of kleenex moment!
The boys listening to a book that was pre-recorded and read by Great Grandma Julia! Yes, a Sob-fest!
It was so sweet! I'm sure we'll be listening to grandma read this every night to all of us.
Miss all of our family and friends and hope everyone had a great Christmas!
Big Hugs and Kisses!!!


Mommie Couture said...

Cuties! I want some of those cookies! Nom, nom, nom!

Katie @ minivan diva said...

Oh wow, that is a moment for lots of tissues. I saw your button on the floyd boys. I have 3 boys too. Congrats on your new pregnancy! I was just reading your thoughts about not being concerned about having a boy or girl. I love your perspective! I'm a new follower.