Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Colorado Welcomes Hotlanta

Such perfect timing... 

One of my closest friends and her son visited us from Atlanta. It was a great weekend of site seeing, hanging out, playing with the kids and lot's of catching up! It's always a good time when we get together. Rachel has always been one of those "mom" inspirations! She makes being a mom of four kids look so easy.  

We laughed until our belly's hurt. We stayed up too late (for a tired pregnant woman) and we probably crammed too much into the weekend, but it was fun! And with the baby coming in 4-5 weeks... some good ole girl time was just what my OBGYN ordered.

Just a tad bit excited for a girl's dinner night out!

Headed up to lookout point, learned about Buffalo Bill and took some classic cowboy pictures and mountain view pics.

And an amazing background.

A view of Downtown Denver from lookout point.

We took the light rail (my kids thought it was a real train :) to downtown for lunch.


The boys played in the snow.

We went to the Botanical Gardens for the light show.

And a PJ Partay!


The Starr Family said...

Gorgeous. You of course, but that background too! And I see the sun over that snow (so not fair.).

Biz said...

You look fantastic!
I'm so glad you got some girl time in and glad you're having such a blast in Colorado :)