Thursday, November 10, 2011

X Factor Wannabe Video: Part 2

Kellen is definitely the show off in the family right now and we love every minute of his entertainment!

In preparation for X-factor last night I made a quick trip to the dollar store for microphones for the boys. I didn't want them fighting over the turkey bastor again, which eventually happened anyways.

Once again here's Kellen showing his love of music and performing. He chose to be a solo artist last night. I'm thinking he may just be destin to be a star someday!?!? He loves watching these performances and pays such close attention so he can mimic them.

So hardcore and so serious!! 

Kellen's annoyed... 
how's he supposed to put on a concert when his brothers are trying to vacuum on the table? No, we don't normally let the kids stand on our dinning room table. It lasted 3 minutes then I busted out with the rules... again.

Yes, we've created a small monster (or 3) and now he's obsessed with standing and singing/dancing on anything that might resemble a stage. Good luck to us! Every time we turn around we've got 3 monkeys standing on the table, countertops, end tables, bar stools....

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