Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat and a Sugar Buzz

We did it! We are done and it was actually a really busy and fun filled day of Halloween celebrations! I have to say that as the kids get older they are so much more fun when it comes to these holidays. (and they get much easier to manage... a big booyeah for John and I)!! All 3 boys were super excited for Halloween!

We began with a preschool party and then ended with trick or treating in the neighborhood last night. This came at a perfect time as I was getting antsy and really wanted to meet more of the neighbors. All which are lovely and very kind, happy people with lots of kids. So a couple houses down a dad dressed as Spongebob had a sweet set-up with a train on a table that delivered candy to the kids standing by (big hit with the boys) and served "adult" spiked warm cider (big hit with the adults, John said it was delicious) I of course opted for the kid friendly version of cider since I have the bump. 

The weather was very nice and mild, I think this was the first time in 3 years the kids didn't freeze their hinneys off, it was about 60-65ish, perfect for the occasion.

John really wanted to do Alvin, Simon and Theodore, yes it would have been very cute (maybe next year?)

Kellen loved going to preschool, he fit right in as soon as we got there. Next year buddy!! 

Of course all the kids were adorable, but Preston made the cuttest darn clown ever! John said I should enjoy it while it lasts because there's no way the boys will let me get away with that type of costume in a couple more years... and I know he's right.

Their teacher is pretty cool too. She had a giant water bottle in her awesome pink-do. Very creative!

I had to hide the candy from the kids (and John) they are all candy/sugar/chocolate feins and I really can't take it when they get all sugar buzzed, it's like someone posses them and instead of having 3 kids it feels like 10, they are off the hook, insane sugar drunk. So at the rate I'd like them to eat their candy, this giant stockpile of sugar should last us at least 6 months.

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Mommie Couture said...

Could your boys be any cuter?! Seriously, love them. And we can't forget Mama - you were one pretty kitty cat! Meow! :) Glad you all had a fun Halloween!