Friday, November 4, 2011

Snow Fun in the Sun

It's snowed 2x so far (last year it didn't snow here until Nov. 15th, go figure) because we moved here.

There's still some snow in the yards, but John was able to wear a t-shirt and running pants to the store yesterday and actually complained of being hot on the drive there. It's kind of strange to us and very different than the snow season we are used to in OH. The kids were able to play in the snow without being too cold since it was mild and sunny while they played. The sun makes a world of difference.

We are lucky that the deck off the back of the house is shaded, so the snow stays there the longest, which gives the kids the opportunity to have fun out there for a couple extra days. They are loving it! 

Last week at the park 70 and sunny and 

this week...

The boys were pretending to serve each other "snow" cookies. I just love their young imaginations!

Adrian finally got to use one of grandma Julia's unique treasure gifts :) his snowball maker. 
It work's great!!

Preston comes off as the quiet, shy guy. I was shocked to see him shoving snow in Kellen's face as I was taking pictures. I'm surprised that Adrian didn't do it to Preston first. That's usually how it all starts. 

And then we have the absolute best part about playing in the snow... 
the hot coco and marshmallows afterwards. 

I think even after being in FL for 6-7 years, I still wouldn't want to give up these beautiful four seasons.
(ask me after 5 more months of winter :) will I feel the same? We'll see :)


Sean Marie said...

That's crazy how the weather's changed! You look great, btw. :)

Stevie Leigh said...

Such a beautiful family! And SO much snow. Crazy. Here in NYC, we thought 2 inches was bad... great blog!