Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rub-a-dub dub and squeezing in some "Priorities"

My three little handsome, so fresh and so clean, dudes in a tub :) 

And of course they managed to pull in every towel that was in reachable distance of them. They professed they were camping and needed sleeping bags. No biggy tho, they could have made more of a mess than that I suppose. 

My new moto I'm adopting for distasters/messes/chaos/life's craziness: 
"It could be worse"
(I think it just might get me through the next 18 years :)

Priorities... (make me laugh sometimes, if not I'd probably go loco)

these are it... right now these 3 little guys and the husband that's not pictured above. And taking my prenatal vitamins, those are all priorities. But my hair, my eyebrows, my skin, and my nails have not made the priority list for quite a long time. It's been so long it's almost to the point of embarrassing. Except for a quick pedi I managed to squeeze in last month while the grocery getters oil was getting changed. So currently, I feel like an uncomfortable pregnant women, skin stretched to the max, with dry skin, man nails, and bad brows, AND as of yesterday... really bad hips (yes, already and I'm only 30 weeks right now, that's scary and definitely not a good sign) I feel as if I'm falling apart here. 

It's time to admit that I am in need of some good old mama maintenance... stat!

(google images)

Have I mentioned it's a little dry in the mid-west?? I think I could exfoliate every other day and it still might not be enough to keep the flaking at bay. At least all my lotions are getting used up finally. Bonus! Ya know those same 5 random bottles of lotion in your bathroom under your sink that you've had for more than 3 years. Well, mine will soon be gone. 

And here's my new priority list:

1- File/trim/buff nails (paint too if time permits, wishful thinking)
2- Pluck and shape brows
3- Find a new face regiment (try moisture masks??)
4- Go get my hair trimmed and maybe colored
5- Schedule another pedicure before baby arrives

Just 5 simple steps that might make me feel a whole lot better :) 
Who am I kidding, first thing is first for my Sunday - NOT SO Fun Day. Go through my weeks (maybe 2?) worth of mail build up, pay some bills (blah!) cut my coupons and make my meal list and grocery list for the week. All while inserting my brow maintenance and nail love in there somewhere I swear! 


Mommie Couture said...

Could your boys get any sweeter? I could just eat them up! I feel ya on the "nails & feet neglect" I haven't had a pedicure in... months. Ah, so horrible. It's been on my list for awhile! Maybe I'll get to it today. ;)

Kandice said...

ah! those pictures! haha but we all know you're still lookin all kinds of gorgeous ;)

i cannot imagine having three boys that near in age. is life just so hectic? the good thing about boys though (that i've learned from home videos of my brothers and, now, my nephew) is that they REALLY DO say the darndest things. they all seem to be just so smart, it's crazy.

cute tub pictures! (and sooo funny that they said they were camping and needed sleeping bags. ha!)

kriznizzel said...

Man, I love these bath shots, they are too cute!

LillysNLollipops said...

Cute pictures! And you weren't kidding about how long your hair is!