Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Love/Hate Relationship: 32 Weeks

I DO.... I have this love/hate relationship with being pregnant. I'd say about 80% of the time I actually enjoy it (or else I couldn't do this 4x!) and the other 20% of the time I'm ready for the ride to be over.

First 12 wks: half of it is usually spent sick and nauseous (in my case, 2 bouts of fun food poisoning).
Next 18 wks: easy, joyful, fun to break out those maternity clothes and feel and look pregnant.
30 wks and beyond: paranoid about going into labor early, raging hormones, bad hips, stretching pains and the maternity clothes are reminding me more and more of a dreaded uniform I'd rather NOT wear.

the B-U-M-P

I predict I'll go into labor shortly after New Year's, after week 37 I'm ready!

I don't know-- I think John looked pretty excited about my dollar store purchase?!? and even more excited that I was taking his picture! he thinks I'm weird.


Biz said...

I'm loving the baby bump!
Can't wait until post new years when I can start rooting on the arrival of your newest addition!


The Starr Family said...

32 weeks?!?!? Christa, it may not feel so for you, but this pregnancy flew!

Our Little Bubble said...

HAHA Kate, yes it has flown :) and the last 6-7 weeks will drag on I'm sure!

Week 32 Pregnancy said...

You Look Amazing! You are so cute! This was a very fun read. I didn't know that fact about "trying" either. You look beautiful already. I wish you all the best. CONGRATS to you and your hubby!