Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Growing Up: Catch 22

Lately I've caught myself saying a lot of, "when the kids get a little older, they can...." "in another year or two the kids will be able to...." "if X was a little older then...." 

As the kids get older they become these little big people (does that make sense?), they're not babies and they've grown out of the toddler stage, and then one day we notice we can suddenly have mini adult-like conversations with them. It's crazy really, just how quickly things change. Then I look at our kids and I suddenly wish they were babies again. It's totally a catch 22 situation. Sometimes I want them to hurry and grow up a few more years, then other times I want them to freeze and stay little forever. 

How peaceful does Lil P look? He fell asleep working with his play-dough. He's trying so hard to grow up on us and deny his once consistant daily nap. Although Preston doesn't think so, this little guy still needs a nap.

Preston and Kellen got me up at 5:45 for the 4th day in a row (actually 5:20 this morning, wayyy too early!) This time-change blows for morning routines or now-- lack there of. This would explain my desire to go straight to bed when we're done putting the kids down at night, combined with third trimester exhaustion. To be honest, not much matters to me lately-- as long as the kids make it to pre-school, they're fed, John's happy and I can be in bed by 8:30...
Life is great!!!


Adam, Melissa, Blake and Karson said...

You are awesome...and that photo of Preston is priceless. So precious!!!

Biz said...

I love that picture!
I was just talking to my Dad on the phone about how much Bitsy sleeps and he was telling me that the funniest thing is when they start to crawl and you see them start to crawl past a coffee table or chair, but they never come out the other side....only then do you walk over and see that they have fallen asleep 1/2 way through their task!
I look forward to that :)
Get some rest Mama!

Tessa said...

Cute post!! And you are right - it is a Catch 22!

My kiddo is sporting the 5:30ish wake-up call, too! I'm hoping that will subside!