Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dr. Adrian checks on the baby

 The boys are finding much joy in feeling their new sibling kick in my belly. Once the baby stops moving for a couple minutes, they declare the baby must be tired and have fallen asleep. 

I love that this is the first time our kids have really understood what's going on with the pregnancy, what it means, and are genuinely excited about having a baby in the house. It's made this experience much different from the last pregnancies. It's truly "a family affair" this time around. And I think this time I am guarantied to have 3 little helpers with this new bambino! Even if it's just fetching the wipes/diapers for me or just for entertaining purposes.

Dr. Adrian thought he might try to crack the baby out of my belly with light taps of his tiny shovel.

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Melissa said...

Welcome to HR! Your blog is so must be super busy with three little boys & being prego...WOW!
P.S. I totally think you are having a girl :)