Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Pirate's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday to our sweet Adrian!!

We celebrated Adrian's 5th Birthday with a Pirate Party and our new friends Melissa, Adam and their adorable boys, Blake and Karson. (Denver transplants from Ohio as well! :)

It was such a fun filled day... 80 degree weather, lot's of sunshine, talking, eating and 5 little boys just playing about having a good old time!

Hanging out with Melissa and Adam.

Everyone enjoyed having a present to open.

Adrian's showing intrest in golf and he's pretty good at it.

We've been waiting to give Adrian his personalized story book for 6 months.
(and yes another fab Groupon deal :)
He was so happy and surprised to see his face all over his new book, it was great!!

"FlattenMe" was where the book came from. Love this idea!

The pinata was a hit! Look at the little scavengers below. A couple kids were doubled up on the suckers in their mouths and definitely got their sugar fill for the day... and then some. 

We took a little break and walked a couple of the boys down to the park in the back while admiring the mountains and the colorful fall trees.

K & K (Karson and Kellen) such cute little buddies!!

And thanks to Melissa and Adam for the giant cookie cake. Of course we ended up breaking into it last night... the kids were already sugar wasted, so I figured... why not? right? they were begging and the pregnant mom that's craving sugar all the time was sympathetic, so I said sure... and it was very delicious!
Then the kids proceded to have at least 3 tantrums each and were whooped and asleep by 7.

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