Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Look it's a Pinata

Taking it back to 1990 (last time I remember doing this) with a classic paper mache pinata. Our sweet Adrian will be 5 years old this week and he's having a little Pirate Birthday shindig. So in celebration we've been slowly working on this pinata for the kids to beat on this weekend.

Now it's not the prettiest thing in the world (nope, not winning any contests) but Adrian thinks is pretty cool and that's all that matters because it's his birthday :)

This was even easier than I remember it being.

Paste Recipe

  • ONE part flour to TWO parts water
  • You want it a little runny, not lumpy or too thick. 
  • Took about a day to dry and I waited a couple hours in between layers.
  • I just did 2 layers of newspaper strips, you want it to be breakable.

Preston helped me decorate it with crate paper while his brothers napped most of the day. The pattern of sleep in our house as of lately (since the lovely Croup has entered it) boys up at night barking like seals and coughing, then sleeping during the day. It's as if we have 3 newborns, preparing me for January!! Oh... I am so not ready for this baby!! 

The bright side is, they are on the upswing to recovering from it and hopefully we can cross that illness off the list of germs they will bring home from preschool in the next 8 months.

And Whayla! Here's the beautiful pinata in all it's glory :)

A sample of some of the goodies that I put inside of it. I'm in love with Super Target (now just 2 miles from our house, this will definitely get me in some financial trouble!) And the Dollar Tree has great cheap little doodads for kids to play with for 5 minutes then forget about. 

My Grandma Julia always tells me, if they entertain themselves for 5 minutes then it was worth the $1 or whatever she might have paid for it at the garage sale she was just at :) she's just awesome!!
We miss our Juliaisms!


Nicole said...

Christa! Every time I read your blog I get flashbacks of living in Colorado...that Super Target you're talking about, that was literally half a mile from where I lived. We would practically be neighbors if I was still there! It was my go-to grocery store, along with getting my produce from Sprouts right next door. And if you like Mediterranean-type food, check out Garbanzo in that little shopping area right in front of Sprouts, it's pretty good and quick!

The Starr Family said...

Oh Target, I'm smitten with the average store... let alone a Super one? Get out and lock up the pocketbook.

Love the pinata!! I take it you are starting to get energy back in this pregnancy? Should we expect a flood of tutorials and projects ;)

-Emily- said...

I REMEMBER making those pinatas when I was younger!! Of course now I want to make one! Maybe for Halloween.... P.S. You are SO lucky to live close to a super's an hour drive for me...uggghhh! Makes me realize how much I miss living close to civilization.