Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Denver Sky

is beautiful! 

The little boys are my alarm clock that goes off at 6:30 every morning. This is what I awoke to the other day. I'm going to make a habit of snapping more sky pics now that I'm trying to work with my camera more, shooting some unique shots. 

I've never seen stars twinkle the way I do here. And 80% of the time the skies are clear and you can see for miles and miles. It's different, serene, calm and just beautiful! 
(although I have to give it up for a Tampa Bay ocean sunset too, they're unique and just as gorgeous!)

I love this picture of Adrian! I just got a Groupon for a large canvas wrap print, this picture will be perfect. The sun in the background is perfect and Adrian is perfect!!

Adrian's new favorite thing to do at our park. He sat here for probably 20 minutes, just hanging out observing his surroundings. Our oldest son, almost 5 years old now and becoming such a little young adult, it makes me cry tears of happiness because he's growing and learning and tears of sadness because he's not a toddler/baby anymore. My favorite moment of our morning today... he's engulfed in his cartoon, but takes a break to look over at me while I'm drinking my coffee and says "Mom, I love you".
The little boys heard him and then they all came over and tackle me with overwhelming tightest of tight hugs and sloppy kisses.

I love our boys! 
will they always treat their mom like this? A mom can dream!

Of course Kellen just had to walk in the water with his shoes on. I look forward to next summer when he boys can wear their swim suits and play in this creek. 

"the thinker"


Sean Marie said...

6:30 am sounds so early to me! I guess when you have three beautiful boys and an amazing sky to look at it makes it all worth it! I better enjoy sleeping in while I can though!

Danna said...

Wow, those skies are pretty!
The park looks like so much fun!

Adam, Melissa, Blake and Karson said...

Great shots!! Really looking forward to seeing you all next weekend!