Friday, October 7, 2011

Bedroom Decor & Letters

Since I wasn't blessed with a great eye for decor like most of my family, instead I just browse online until I find things I like rather than take forever thinking of my own decorating ideas. And I am finding that the more kids we have the more I long for simple and no hassle. Ya know... the less is more moto, plus the majority of our accessories seem to be TOYS!

I saw this "initials" idea and thought it might work in our new bedroom, especially since we have lots of basic black accents. So here it is... our "J & C". John can't stand a bedroom that's too girly with any fufu stuff... hence the very basic comforter we have. John was cool with it since it lacked color :) I will definitely be adding some pop of color, the room needs it, but I haven't decided what to go with yet.

(long list of supplies:  wood letters from Hobby Lobby & black acrylic paint) and if we get sick of it we are only out $8.00

And Kate aka Star Family Blog, if you happen to read this post, I am a total slacker and did NOT end up making my own headboard using your awesome headboard tutorial. Just one of those things on my list I didn't get to. This white manufactured one is my easy way out now. It truly needs a pop of color on that wall behind it! And the headboard also needs to be higher but we didn't mount it on the legs yet. 
L-A-Z-Y... we just "half-ed it" like so many other things right now.

More with letters. 
I really like this idea too. It's cool that the letters are incorporated but aren't the main focus. 
Inspiration for the kids rooms someday.

bed eclectic bedroom

Might be fun for a playroom. 

It's different.


Sarah Kay said...

I love these decorative letters, I will be getting some really soon to put up in my sons room before he is born!

I am visiting your blog from the Friday Blog Hop from 'Mama to 4 blessings', & I follow you on GFC now:)

I love your blog! And I hope you'll visit mine sometime too :)


- Sarah Kay

Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families said...

Love them! Thanks for stopping by too! I am following you back- I am also expecting baby number 4 due in 5 weeks :)

Our Little Bubble said...

Thanks Sarah and Melissa, I thought I'd try out a blog hop :) I've found some great new blogs I look forward to learning things from.

The Starr Family said...

Sweet girl.. you are raising 3 adorable boys (not including hubs) and getting ready for gift #4... there will be time for a headboard down the road! In the meantime, your letters are perfect. Clean, modern, definitely not too girly!

And ps... loving your pics from Denver. You all look so HAPPY, and that says it all.