Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Angry Bird Pumpkins

The kids and John really wanted to paint Angry Bird pumpkins for our porch. Our pumpkin masterpieces have gotten many compliments from the 8-12 age group of boys in our hood :) We have the "cool" pumpkins. Let's hope we can keep up the cool factor for when our boys are older! It was so cute when one of the neighbor boys told John that his dad would love our pumpkins... a proud John moment. HA

Have I mentioned yet how many kids live in our town... a ton!! I bet kids easily out number adults. And we've found that the child labor is cheap. A couple neighborhood boys offered to rake our leaves this weekend for $4, that's all, that's cheap 2 kids for $4 (I tipped them more of course). Our front yard is small, only about the size of a small driveway, but it was sweet and nice to see kids want to earn some money the old fashion way and not just ask their parents for it.

Hard at work. I can't lie, it was quite the mess painting with acrylics with Preston and Kellen. At one point Preston had a white tongue, yes bad boy, I know!!

We took lots of family pictures this past weekend at the foothills. I hope to post them soon! :)


Biz said...

Awesome pumpkins!
Bud just suggested we carve pumpkins this weekend!
I'm torn between the traditional idea of carving a pumpkin vs. many great ideas.
Pinterest doesn't help either!


Mikaela said...

Love the pumpkins! And the boys are looking so grown up! Looks like you guys are enjoying Denver :) Missing u here, hurry and post those family pics so I can see that baby bump!