Sunday, September 25, 2011

The "New" Trail

I have lots of posts on here of the old trail we used to live next to in Ohio and walk/ride on all the time. Here's some pics of our new trail. The view of the mountains is breathtaking as we walked a little less than a mile to the park from our backyard. This trail goes through the entire suburb that we live in. John could even ride his bike on it to the lightrail which is 8 minutes from our house, and then it's a 20 minute train ride right into downtown Denver. I'm actually taking the lightrail tonight to go meet a new friend for dinner :) really looking forward to it!!! A much needed break from unpacking. John spent the day at the OSU backer bar downtown yesterday with our old friend Jeff from college. My turn for some adult time :)

Here's the back of the house. The trail is right in our backyard. We see lot's of little kids biking and riding their scooters to school on it. Pretty neat.

Adrian's checking out the giant grasshoppers that like to sun themselves on the path.

the walk back

and a 22 week belly shot, physically I feel more like 30-35 weeks but I think it's the effects of the new altitude adjustment and being on my feet 18 hours a day. 


Mikaela said...

Your belly bump is adorable, the back of your house is gorgeous, and the mountain views are breathtaking. And I am so so bummed that I didnt get to say goodbye to you in person before you left! Can't wait to see more growing bump pictures and more house pictures! And adorable pics of your three handsome boys, too!
Keep in touch! Let me know when you come back to Ohio for visits!

Amy Tranter said...

Your new home and atmosphere looks MIND-BLOWINGLY BEAUTIFUL, Christa!!
And YOU, my friend, are the TINIEST pregnant woman I've ever seen!!! :)
love you.

JenB said...

You look so great and your new place is beautiful. Enjoy!! Tell Jeff I said Hi...

yomaida said...

Oh wow you're teeny! You look adorable. The old trail pics are great. How rejuvenating!!!