Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Moving Kinda Sucks

It really does.

First, for the obvious pain in the bum reasons... organizing, packing, painting, cleaning carpets, cleaning house, disconnecting everything, connecting everything, paperwork, schools, changing doctors, addresses, not having much of a life the 2 weeks it takes to do all of this and then watching my children turn into somewhat neglected wild animals while we pack, clean and paint. 

Then there's the second and most important reason... family

(only the single most adorable picture of my grandma and our sweet baby toddler Kellen :)

Not a chance I could even think of typing this post without crying. I'm such a roller coaster of hormones lately. It's a combo of moving, pregnancy and progesterone shots I'm taking. Even tho this could be a wonderful thing for our future and we're very excited, there are certain moments it feels sooo much harder to do than I previously thought. It was emotional when we left lots of our close friends from Tampa a few years back, but not like this. I feel a stronger and different connection with my family more so now than when I last lived here way back when I was 22. It's amazing how our perspective and outlook on things change constantly as we are living out our lives.


Sean Marie said...

I know how you feel! My sister is moving too and luckily I'm pregnant so I can't carry heavy stuff. :P Hope it all goes smoothly.

Danna said...

You poor thing! We moved when I was prego with our first and it was tough.
The picture of your Grandma and Kellen is just precious!
Praying for you guys :)

MSRheinlander @KUWTR said...

That is the sweetest picture!! One to cherish!!

Amanda said...

Moving can be such a headache! I'm actually considering a move in the next few months myself and while a new start is exciting, the logistics are not fun to imagine, ha! :)